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About The Vagabond Knights
Thieves, mercenaries, scoundrels, misfits
and the finest group of people
you will find anywhere on Norrath!
Does adventure heat your blood more than strong drink?
Do you think there is more to good than jum-jum and Great-Grandaddy's Sword?
Were you born on the wrong side of Qeynos Highway?
Then do we have a guild for you!
Mission Statement of the VAGABOND KNIGHTS:
To be a PROACTIVE ROLEPLAY guild dedicated
to improving, strengthening, and participating
in the roleplay community of Everquest II.
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What in the Forums?

by Slipps_Smallcorners, 1268 days ago

The Foyer
The Front Hall with it's creaky lift, and burdened Notice Board. Dan watches as you enter, despite his grumbling he offers to let you read the information on hand. (Charter, Guild Information, etc...)    

      Subforum: The Guild Register
Dan scowls at you as a large book rests in the open guild hall, stained and cracked pages have names scored along the inside. He hands you a quill. (OOC and IC waves from guests and new recruits)

      Subforum: The Notice Board
Peel through the layers that announce the events, news, gossip, and other notes important to the Crew. (Shared events, news and notices)

The Library
To the left is probably the noisiest library on Norrath! Yet everything else is expected, the scent of bound leather, soft whispers of those reading books, and... books, everywhere.    

      Subforum: Tales from the Spider
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players... (IC, collaborative stories)    

      Subforum: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tavern...
Journal stories, and biographies of the Crew. (IC, not collaborative)    

      Subforum: The Dusty Bookshelf
Over in a corner, a large over-stuffed bookshelf leans precariously against a wall, and you are afraid to touch anything for fear of it falling over! (Gameplay hints and stuff!)    

Down the Hall
To the right is a shadowy hall, yet there are signs of life, and light, at the end.    

      Subforum: The Dining Room
This smoky, dimly lit room is full of bustling and merriment. Drinks, fights, gambling, carousing, all are happening within an easy reach! A carouser hands you a tankard and staggers off. You can hear musicians tuning instruments and someone is singing scales (Songs, Poetry and Art)    

      Subforum: The Kitchen
Smells of hearty food and drink waft out to you from behind two tavern doors. You see scrubs hard at work. As you get close to sneak in, a musclebound chef blocks your path, scowling. (Members only news and information forum)    

      Subforum: The Whispered Conversation
A group of shady individuals whisper with hushed tones in the pantry, but immediately stop talking; glowering as you enter... (Grouping, event, and raid planning. Want to do a HQ? Need help with a quest? Have an RP event idea? This is your place.)    

Smoke Filled Room
Where the officers do their planning. Hmmm... what goes on in there? Do I hear dancing girls?!?    

      Subforum: Recruiting
A place for officers to discuss hopefuls    

      Subforum: The Desk
Reports and manuals are piled high at the corners, with a well stained coffee mug anchoring an equally stained map in the middle. (Dossiers, Officer Manuals, templates)    

The lift moans ominously as you are lowered ever deeper into the depths of the Mansion.    
      Subforum: The Gnomish Junkpile
A large contraption of items lie clumped in a trash heap in the corner. Gnomish items you think. What would you expect with names like Tell-a-fone and Tee-vee and See-Dee? Madness. (Non-EQ2 OOC Posts)
      Subforum: Infirmary
Solace greets you with a chipper "Where does it hurt?", while clutching a box of bandages and... what is that thing? (OOC away from game notices, whether for a night, or longer)

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