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re: Chapter 1- WHO ARE YOU GUYS? (FAQ)



Chapter 1- WHO ARE YOU GUYS? (FAQ)



Who are you guys?


We are the Vagabond Knights, a role-play intensive guild and group of friends on the Antonia Bayle server of Everquest 2. We were formed May 2005, with the explicit goal of strengthening the role-play of the community. We want to make sure that there are role-play opportunities for those that want them.



Why did you guys form a guild? Aren’t there a lot of role-play guilds already?


We are a role-play guild, but that does not make us an island. Too many roleplay guilds interact only with their guildies. We believe that guilds should be proactive in the community. Speaking solely in /guild and /gsay does not make for an interesting game for others. In your own game, you are the hero, but to everyone else, you are a supporting actor. Might as well be a great one!



Another guild in Qeynos? What makes you guys different?


Our roleplay concept is different from the typical Qeynos guild. Good does not necessarily mean ‘polished’, and polished we shure ain’t. Misfits, wanderers, betrayers, mercenaries and charlatans all might find a home here with The Vagabond Knights. To put this another way, we want to be the black sheep of Qeynos. Folks may not want us at their grandmother’s birthday celebration, but they come find us when they have trouble...or a kickin party!



Interesting, what about raids and stuff?


We are not a power-levelling guild. We have a very wide range of levels within our membership. We do our best to organize raids and events that cater to all levels so everyone can play. Mentoring is common Its not as much fun if half the guild has the stay at home! We want to be there together: swords, shields and spells.



So if you aren't raiding like mad right now, what do you do?


Glad you asked! Roleplay events. Lots of ‘em. We sponsor events for people to come and participate in. Guilded or non-guilded, all are welcome. Some will be comic, some will be dramatic, some will help advance skills, and some will just let you meet new friends. The purpose of our guild is to help others enjoy the game.



Do you raid at all?


Yes! We do! We have been raiding with some of the other raiding guilds, and have been working on some of the bigger quests and story arcs. We try to get together as often as possible to hang out and see what the game has to offer! This is for every level! High and low!



Hmm. How will you interact with other guilds and individuals?



Someone needs a bad guy for their character bio? Look us up. A Freeport guild wants enemies to plot against? That’s us. We are available to help you with your role-play interests. We are interested in standing shoulder to shoulder (or toe to toe) with other guilds and are actively looking for allies and enemies. Of course you need not be guilded to befriend (or hate) us. We’ll play with anybody!



Snap! That RoXXoRz! Lemme get my uber main Eggolas!


Um. Except for you. (Just kiddin) We may tease the Leets, but as long as you’re not a griefer, you’re ok. We highly stress an active role-play game, but respect all playing styles, role-play, raiding, uber, or casual. We believe in politeness. Being mean in-character is one thing, being a jerk out of character and chasing them across the zone with mean tells is another. Remember, Mean people suck, don’t be mean. If we upset you, let us know and we’ll apologize. We’re nice people, really!



Can I bring in my half-dragon-jedi-highlander-vampire-love-child?


Sorry, but no. We strive to keep it as close to the lore as possible. Having an ancient sword that talks that your grandfather gave to you is one thing, being an ancient god/vampire/lich/pikachu is another.



What do you mean by active role-play?


You are the character you play. We are looking for people who enjoy ‘acting out’ their character in the lands of Norrath. We expect people to avoid teamspeak or leetspeak. Out of character is ok, but keep it to a minimum and preface it with either OOC- or (( . That way we can recognize it for what it is. We also have an ooc channel that we will let our members use on their mains and alts. This way if you are just playing a low-down dirty Freeporter you can still chat with your pals in the VK. Have some questions you would like to ask the guild, stop on in! We also are looking for people with good backgrounds and good rp skills. If you are new, then don’t worry, we are all about helping new players.



Is there a level requirement? How about age?


There is no level requirement. In fact, we welcome people right off the Isle. The only difference between a level 1 and a level 90 is the amount of time put in. That doesn’t make them better than you. If you are a lowbie (less than 20) please show that you are an frequent player. This is all we ask. We want to meet new people to play with, always. There is not an age requirement, but most of us are adult players, and have a decent level of maturity. (Some more than others ;) ) We have lives outside of Norrath, and expect people to understand this. Real life is more important than any game!



Awesome! Sign me up!


Excellent! Training starts at dawn...





There are in-game requirements to join. DO NOT expect to get tagged right off the bat. Joining a guild should be a landmark in your character’s life. We ALL believe that the actions of one reflect the whole group. If one person is a constant griefer and jerk, it can ruin the rep for the entire guild. We have an extensive squiring process in which you as the character go through trials and we all get to know you. But don’t worry, this is not hazing (alright, maybe just a little ;) ) and we promise you WILL have fun! We want to get to see who you are before you become one of the family.



Who do I need to speak with then?


We have a decent list of recruiters waiting to speak to you. Contact them via the Guild Recruitment Window, or contact an officer or member of the guild to get the lowdown on how to join us. Contacts are on the main page, and we can always be contacted via Norrath Express.


Seeya there and good luck!


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