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re: Chapter 4- RULES OF DA KNIGHTS





Carved raggedly into one of the wooden walls of the guildhall are the


House Rules...



1- If yer gonna go down, go down swingin.


OOC- Act with corteousy and respect in groups and in raids. Do not kill steal.




2- Share yer booty with yer pals.


OOC- Need before greed in groups and in raids. Be honest when making deals and in trades. If you take something out of the guild bank, then put something of equal value back. Do not node steal.




3-Don't be a whiner, mopey, beggar or live for da drama. Dat don't fly here.


OOC- In the VK, there are newbies, teens, lowbies, regulars, and high-level characters. We have a great mix of people and just because you're in a guild, doesn't mean that that guy you just met is going to give you rare tradeskilled items right off the bat. Don't be a drama queen, and as much as dark roleplay is sometimes fun, all the time gets to be very annoying. Keep it all in moderation.




4- Respect yer brudders and sisters in da gild.


Respect da udder gilds and folks too.


OOC- No vulgarity inside or outside the guild. This also applies in guild chat and channels. We are a bunch of friends, and arguments will arise, but know when to call it, and when to draw the line is important. If someone or something is offending you, let them know. You can be creative without using four letter words.




5- Ya play with fire, expect to get burned.


OOC- Inappropriate behavior, either in or out of character, can be grounds for dismissal. IC roleplay is NEVER an acceptable excuse for making someone feel uncomfortable or upset -- for example, "roleplaying a sadist" or "roleplaying a racist" or lying out of character or any such beheaviors that could make people stop and say 'WHOA.' is not an acceptable excuse, and will have immediate and serious consequences. If you are unsure if with your roleplaying of attitudes or taboos will cause problems or make people uncomfortable, chances are they might. Stop and think.




6- Don't speak da 'Leet' or da 'Dood'. Kids are around.


OOC- If U kan reed this. then U R Sp33king l33t. D00dz r not roxorz. Please keep it clean.




7- Respect da officers. Dey're yer pals too.


OOC- Being an Officer of the VK carries a lot of responsibility. They are officers, but most importantly, they are your friends. I make mistakes like everyone else. If you see something you would like done or changed, let me or an officer know. Do not let it fester. At the end of the day, the game is about the friends you made.




8- Wear yer tabards. Dey cost a lot.


OOC- Please wear your guild tag at all times. If you are a knight, please wear your guild cloak. Have a bio on your /inspect screen




9- Don't expect tings to be dropped in yer lap. Ya have to start at da bottom like everyone else.


OOC- If you want to advance, then don't expect it to be just handed to you. Actively participate in the guild and in guild chat. You get out of the VK what you put into it. Work towards helping out the guild, roleplaying with them, and making the guild better, and then you can 'Run the Moonshine'. May the gods have mercy on your soul.../mourn




10- You guys are da gild. Ya represent everythin we is in da field.


OOC- When you were brought into the Vagabond Knights, it was like a new member was added to the family. Each person has his or her own strengths, and adds to the great guild we have here. Each VK Member when seen by other guilds represents the Vagabond Knights. We are the melting pot and black sheep of Qeynos. Respect and embrace that!


It's unfortunate that we have to have rules, but with this as a reference as what to do, and what not to do, problems can be handled much easier. Besides, remember the most important rule of all....




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